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      2. KYPHI with XiangTan University organize courses together [2017/09/25]
        Charity event [2017/08/06]
        XiangTan University build training bases at KYPHI [2017/07/21]
        Celebrate the 4th lobster festival with jubilation [2017/07/02]
        KYPHI esteiblished coorperation with Xiang Tan University [2017/04/30]
        KYPHI’s natural plant flavor production project officially started [2017/04/09]
        Celebrate the annual sales meeting in 2017 [2017/03/26]
        KYPHI’s Charity event be used for supporting poor students [2017/01/20]
        KYPHI’s Charity event be used for supporting poor students. [2017/01/11]
        Experience all the perspectives in outreach activities [2017/01/06]

        Contact us

        KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Xiangtan Tianyi demonstration zone

        Zip code :411228


        Network support : Xiangtan MSI


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