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      2. XiangTan University build training bases at KYPHI

        On 18th July, Mr Liu who is the leader of the Xiangtan University, and some teachers from the department of Food Science and Engineering came to Hunan KYPHI Flavors and Fragrances Technology Co., Ltd. They had an in-depth communication and held an internship base listing ceremony. The two parties exchanged views and subsequently held a ceremony for listing undergraduate teaching practice bases. The president of Mr Liang of the Company guided them to visit drinks laboratories, baking laboratories and areca laboratories. They built long-term cooperative program.

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        Contact us

        KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Xiangtan Tianyi demonstration zone

        Zip code :411228


        Network support : Xiangtan MSI


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