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      2. Charity event

        On the 5th August, We held a meeting about "exchange of Charity activities for KYPHI," Chairman Liang Chang met cordially with the donated students and parents, earnestly expressing the company's greetings and care for the students. The current status of study and family life of donated students. The children shared their gratifying achievements in the first semester of this year, talked about their future life and their vision for the future. Their smiling faces were confidently touched and everyone in the scene was infected. Finally, on behalf of the company, Mr. Yang sent the company's intentions to the donated student representatives. We believe that these children have your hard work and Philippine support, your future must be glittering.

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        Contact us

        KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Xiangtan Tianyi demonstration zone

        Zip code :411228


        Network support : Xiangtan MSI


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