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      2. Company profile

             KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd was founded in November 2011,  which is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and markteting of food flavours and fragrance. KYPHI is located in Xiangtan city, Hunan Province. It’s a garden-style factory covers an area of 49.6 acres, with an annual output capacity of over 2,500 tons. However we have more than 20 technology skills, now become the largest flavours industry and the most technologically entreprise in Hunan Province.
             KYPHI has always acts on “Taking the market as the orientation, innovating as the core, seeking survial by quality and serving as the tenet” aim of the enterprise. We have the advanced quality analysis instruments and first class production equipments,   as well as having advantages of specializing in candy flavors, beverage flavors, baking flavors, dairy flavors, ice flavors and so on.  KYPHI  has formed a series of more than 2600 varieties of food flavous and fragrance products , has been providing effective food flavous solutions to over 10 countries all around the world.
        Restore the natural fragrance, create delicious food. We believe that KYPHI must be your loyal strategic partner.

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        Contact us

        KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Xiangtan Tianyi demonstration zone

        Zip code :411228


        Network support : Xiangtan MSI


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